The Company

TOWER ENGINEERING, INC. (TEI), a Texas corporation established in 1982, utilizes the extensive experience of its employees in the design and installation of permanent cooling towers for the commercial, industrial and power generation industries. TEI‘s corporate office is centrally located in Fort Worth, Texas, and serves the U.S. and International markets. Overseas business is targeted at several foreign countries that have historically relied on U.S. made products, and in locations that TEI principals have firm and reliable business contacts.

TEI utilizes the latest computerized engineering capabilities to optimize cooling tower selections, prepare detailed shop and construction drawings and to provide effective, rapid service for every client & customer. TEI personnel are available for travel to client locations whenever needed for project follow-up of completed work, as well as to develop new customers and create new markets. TEI offers unmatched experience and thermal knowledge in the proper application of competing fill materials including conventional ceramic tile, high performance ceramic (HPC) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) fill material designs. TEI is particularly well qualified to design new cooling towers, and to undertake repair, retrofit and thermal upgrade projects of aging field erected concrete or fiberglass structure cooling towers.

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Gary Drummond

Vice President

Brian Bagwell

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jeremy Capps

Reconstruction Sales Manager

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The Product

TEI specializes in the following three basic areas of cooling tower expertise:

1. Supply and installation of concrete/masonry structure or fiberglass structure cooling towers working closely with clients to address architectural/aesthetic requirements or increased performance/efficiency applications. These towers can be specified for any Industry application and may utilize ceramic tile fill, high performance ceramic (HPC) fill or heavy duty PVC cellular fill as the heat transfer medium.

TEI optimizes every tower selection using computerized programs to effectively evaluate the most economical selection based on sizing factors including total price, horsepower, physical dimensions and any special considerations. Additionally, TEI provides detail tower specifications, drawings showing loads and critical dimensions of the structure, economic evaluations, sound level data and performance curves as may be required in each case.

2. Supply of spare parts for cooling towers from proven component manufacturers including HUDSON, AMARILLO, BRENTWOOD/MUNTERS, ABB/BALDOR, REXNORD etc. Spare parts are supplied as per specifications provided by the client or, based on specific tower design conditions and physical requirements. Parts may be supplied by TEI to maximize thermal performance and/or minimize energy consumption.

3. Renovation/upgrade of existing concrete or fiberglass structure cooling towers by replacement of inefficient internal materials with innovative, highly efficient components. TEI‘s scope of work involves appropriate selection and installation of fill, drift eliminators, water distribution system and all mechanical equipment as required. Field inspections & tests are performed, prior to proposing solutions to enhance and/or improve existing towers’ performance.