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Many times only minor modifications are required to dramatically improve performance and extend the operating life of a cooling tower.  TEI has the capability and experience to service your cooling tower by replacing defective parts or upgrading your cooling tower.  TEI can provide replacement parts, emergency service, inspections and recommendations on all repairs, parts and service. Talk to one of our factory representatives about upgrading and retrofitting your existing cooling tower.  TEI will thoroughly analyze the overall performance potential of your cooling tower and recommend specific cost-effective measures that will  improve your cooling tower’s thermal performance.  Please review the list of standard cooling tower components supplied by TEI below:

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TEI DirecDrive™


Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, TEI is leading the charge to improve system reliability, performance and efficiency with the TEI DirecDriveTM fan drive system. With over 150 units installed worldwide with horsepower ratings up to 200 HP per unit, customers are saving energy and reducing maintenance cost with this truly innovative technology.

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10% Energy Savings

Low Maintenance

High Performance Ceramic
(HPC) Fill

To maintain consistent 100% performance capability for the life of the cooling tower, it is essential to design the cooling tower with a high performance, clog resistant, film fill media. High Performance Ceramic (HPC) film fill media is the best solution for achieving this goal.

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Amarillo Right-Angle Fan Drive
(Single & Double Reduction)

Amarillo right-angle fan drives have a long history of quality, workmanship and reliability. All gear design features and ratings are in accordance with, or exceed the minimum requirements of AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) and CTI (Cooling Tower Institute) standards. Castings are rigidly designed and constructed (gray cast iron) to absorb internal and external loads with minimum deflection. Each casting is designed for effective damping of noise and vibration, which is achieved through careful design and controlled manufacturing methods. Gear case and cover are manufactured to assure permanent alignment of bearings and gears under load. Amarillo Gear is the preferred gear supplier on TEI installations.

Baldor Motors

Baldor Motors offer superior energy saving designs that provide reduced operating costs, optimum variable-speed performance and true life-cycle value. Every Baldor motor is manufactured in a facility using stringent ISO 9001 certification quality control procedures. All cooling tower motors are designed for extra protection against harsh, demanding environments. Comprehensive testing and quality control procedures ensure compliance with a broad range of industrial performance standards, including NEMA, IEEE, and UL®. Baldor is the preferred motor supplier on TEI installations.

Hudson Fans (Tuf-Lite,
Tuf-Lite II & Tuf-Lite III)

Through continuous innovation, Hudson has become a pioneer in the field developing axial flow fans for cooling towers. Hudson fans are used worldwide in commercial, utility and industrial installations. Hudson fans are high efficiency fans that are tough and light weight. They offer high static pressure capabilities with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) blades that can be individually balanced to a master standard. Additional features: Low noise, Ultra-violet resistant, erosion and chemical resistant and safety. Hudson Products is the preferred fan supplier on TEI installations.

PMC/Beta Vibration Switches

PMC/BETA electronic switches are state of the art switches that monitor drive equipment vibration. The switch utilizes a solid state crystal accelerometer which provides an electrical output when it is deformed by the vibration forces. If the vibration exceeds the preset limit the switch triggers a solid state relay cutting power to the motor. Ideally, this is designed to prevent damage to the drive equipment due to the excessive vibration or mechanical failure. PMC/BETA is the preferred supplier of vibration switches on TEI installations.

Murphy Oil Level Switches

Murphy Oil Level Switches (OLS) are a combination liquid level gauge and a low limit switch. Each OLS includes (1) a chamber with pivotal float, (2) and indicating dial with pointer, and (3) a low level contact. When properly installed (on gear box) and maintained, the float operates the pointer which, in turn, both indicates level during normal operation, and closes a switching circuit if the level falls to the low-limit set point. In other words, if the gear is running low on oil, it will cut power to the motor, thus protecting the gear from damage. Murphy is the preferred supplier of Oil Level Switches on TEI installations.



TEI provides drive shafts from the following suppliers: Amarillo, Rexnord, Addax and TB Woods. Depending on application and specified requirements, TEI can provide drive shafts in stainless and composite materials. TEI can also provide repair kits and hardware.

Brentwood Drift

Brentwood PVC cellular eliminators are UV stabilized, durable, high efficiency, ultra-low drift loss eliminators with a cell design that will meet the most stringent drift removal specifications. The PVC compounds used in Brentwood eliminators have outstanding resistance to weather exposure, and are nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkalies and acids, grease, fats, oils and biological attack. They also have an excellent fire rating due to its self-extinguishing characteristics. Brentwood PVC material meets CTI (Cooling Tower Institute) Standard 136. Brentwood Industries is the preferred drift eliminator supplier on TEI installations.

Brentwood Polyvinylchloride
(PVC) Fill

Brentwood PVC cellular fill provides high thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low pressure drop using engineered flute and microstructure designs of the highest manufacturing standards. Various types of PVC fill can be supplied based on water cooling application. However, PVC fill is subject to fouling, so TEI‘s standard 100% thermal performance guarantee is one (1) year, only. Depending on the mil thickness, which ranges from 8 mil to 27 mil thickness, extended mechanical warranties are available. Brentwood Industries is the preferred supplier of PVC Fill on TEI installations.

Ceramic Block

Since 1982, TEI has offered ceramic block tile as the premier fill material in the cooling tower industry. Ceramic block tile is guaranteed for twenty-five (25) years minimum mechanical and 100% thermal performance capacity capability. The fill is designed to outlast the building application it serves. Although it is expected to be ultimately be replaced by TEI‘s HPC fill, ceramic block fill continues to be available when client requirements for “like-fashion” expansion of existing block tile installations is preferred. Sandkuhl Clay Works is the Ceramic Block Tile supplier on TEI installations.

Distribution Piping

TEI distribution systems are fabricated with the highest quality materials designed for durability and long term, trouble-free operation.  Unlike our competitors, TEI does not furnish low grade, thin wall, sewer grade piping.  All piping and fittings furnished by TEI will either be Schedule 40 PVC, Schedule 80 PVC and/or Reinforced Thermosetting Resin (RTR).

Low Pressure Nozzle

TEI provides low pressure, ABS nozzles with 2″ NPT thread.

Fiberglass Fan Stacks

TEI provides fire retardant, non-corrosive, UV protected, fiberglass (FRP) fan stacks.  The fan stacks come in standard sizes for most diameter fans, but can also be custom designed for non-standard sizes.

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