Concrete Structures 

Custom concrete structures are designed based on virtually any possible configuration, including square, rectangular, circular or elliptical shapes. Designs can be free‐standing situated at grade, roof top, underground or adjacent to buildings. Materials of construction include poured-in-place or pre-cast concrete. TEI assists the Architect/Engineer in designing the tower configuration as an integral part of the facility and cooling system. The cooling tower is made to blend harmoniously into the building architecture, thereby eliminating the expense of additional screening.

A: Air Inlet
B: Low Pressure Water Distribution System
C: Drift Eliminator
D: Fiberglass Maintenance Walkway
E: Access Hatch
F: Fan Screen
G: Concrete Fan Stack (Optional FRP)
H: Fan and Fan Drive Equipment
I: Concrete Fan Deck
J: Fiberglass Drift Eliminators Suport Tees
K: Hard Burned Clay Tile Fill
L: Cast Iron Support (Optional FRV)
M: Concrete Structure
N: Tower Inlet Header
O: Basin/Sump
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