Government - Georgia

Located northeast of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, this unique concrete cooling tower design blends modern architecture with mechanical design.


Utility - Texas

Located in the hospital district of Houston, TX, this fiberglass cooling tower was designed to cool 93,000 GPM of condenser water, which in turn furnished chilled water to the hospital district. This particular cooling tower replaced an old wooden cross-flow cooling tower and utilized the same concrete basin. All external fiberglass was color matched per the owner’s specification.


Commercial - Kuwait

Located in the heart of Kuwait, this subterranean cooling tower is hidden from view with 90% of the concrete structure and all condenser water piping located underground. With this type of design, water noise is greatly reduced.


Data Center - Ohio

Located in Columbus, Ohio, this data center cooling tower was designed for optimal reliability and redundancy using a pre-cast concrete superstructure and poured-in-place concrete substructure. Data center cooling towers must be reliable for continuous operation and scalable to adequately handle future increases in load.


Airport - Florida

Located in Tampa, Florida, this elliptically shaped concrete cooling tower utilizes ceramic block tile for long term, consistent operation without any reduction in performance.


Hospital - California

Located in Davis, California, this architectural concrete cooling tower was designed in accordance OSHPD regulations for optimal reliability to assure continued operation after a seismic event.


University - Alabama

Located in Auburn, Alabama, this monolithic concrete cooling tower utilizes ceramic block tile for long term, consistent operation without any reduction in performance.


TOWER ENGINEERING, INC. (TEI) is widely known as an innovative leader in the supply and installation of permanent design,  counter‐flow,  induced  draft  cooling  towers.  Our leadership  and  commitment  to providing the highest quality products and services makes TEI the unrivaled choice with owners and consultants worldwide.

TEI DirecDrive™


Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, TEI is leading the charge to improve system reliability, performance and efficiency with the TEI DirecDrive™ fan drive system. With over 150 units installed worldwide with horsepower ratings up to 200 HP per unit, customers are saving energy and reducing maintenance cost with this truly innovative technology.

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10% Energy Savings

Low Maintenance

Tower Engineering Inc. offers designs with guaranteed 100% thermal performance capability for the life of the cooling tower…the best in the industry. 

High Performance Ceramic (HPC) Fill


To maintain consistent 100% performance capability for the life of the cooling tower, it is essential to design the cooling tower with a high performance, clog resistant, film fill media. High Performance Ceramic (HPC) film fill media is the best solution for achieving this goal.

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100% Performance Capability for the Life of the Tower