TOWER ENGINEERING, INC. (TEI) is widely known as the recognized leader in the supply and installation of permanent design, counter-flow, induced draft cooling towers. Our leadership and commitment for specialization in high performance internal components, continues to provide the unrivaled choice for today's high efficiency expectations. We offer designs with guaranteed 100% thermal performance capability for the life of the cooling tower...the best in the industry.


TEI now introduces the revolutionary new TEI DirecDrive™

Redefining Cooling Tower Fan Drive Efficiency for the 21st Century

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TEI supplies and installs custom and modular fiberglass structures to expand the traditional concrete/masonry architectural structure product lines. We offer corrugated panel and double-wall fiberglass structure housings that are designed to facilitate installation of TEI's custom engineered, high efficiency internal components.

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Project Coordination

TEI works closely with General and Mechanical Contractors to coordinate all construction details and responsibilities.

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